Rylan | One year old | Child Photographer Decatur Indiana


A few things to expect when photographing one year olds (or bringing your one year old to be photographed)

  • Expect a lot of exploring, especially if you are in a location that the child is not familiar with.
  • Expect to be in the photograph as the parent, even if it’s not a family session
  • Expect that any toys or supplies (cups, blankies, binkies) you bring will end up in the photos.
  • Expect that if you are in a public place you are going to draw some spectators & will need to work around them!
  • Expect that outifits could get dirty or messed up & plan to have a change of clothing you like just as well as a back up or second.
  • Expect that they won’t want to do anything that they did the day before & show off for the camera!
  • Expect to plan around naps & meals, because as soon as you bring them for a photo shoot they will become sleepy & hungry! Smile
  • Expect to go with the flow… like everything else about parenting a one year old, things don’t normally go like you thought they would but that’s okay, you are learning to be okay with that!!
  • Expect that your child won’t do what that cute little child on pinterest did.

Most of all relax & have fun!  Your child will get upset if they know you are getting upset with them!!

Kelly did a great job with all these things the day we took Rylan’s one year old photos!

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