Rashida: Children’s Medical Missions Miracle

What a joy it was if you were blessed enough to get to meet little Rashida while she was living her in the United States.  She lived just down the road with my cousins, Darin & Kim.  This is the story that Kim tells of Rashida…

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“Rashida was 9 months old and 11 lbs 4oz when she arrived here from Ghana, Africa. She came to us through an organization called Childrens Medical Missions where for the past 7-8 years they have been bringing children over here to the States to have medical treatment that they would not be able to receive in their own country. Rashida had a bi-lateral cleft pallet and lip and had 2 corrective surgeries while she was here. She was here for a total of 6 months and now weighs 21 lbs and looks absolutely beautiful! What a joy and blessing it was to be able to be her host family. If you would like to know more about this ministry you can go to their website at Childrens Medical Missions West and there it will tell you how you can get involved. You can donate, sponsor a child, or be a host family for a child.”

About a week before Rashida left to go back to Africa with her family, I took their family photos…

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Sometimes the things God calls us to do are really painfully joyful… so much joy was brought into this family’s lives by this sweet baby girl… but it’s so hard to say goodbye not knowing if you will ever see her again.  One day.  In Heaven.

Be blessed sweet Rashida… Go be all that God created you to be!  Be blessed Darin, Kim, Courtney, Seth & Stella… for all your gave by God grant you sweet blessings of joy, peace & hope…


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