Birthday Sale!!

Hey!  Yesterday was my birthday!!!!  And you get the gifts!!!

Any session booked this week with me will receive a print credit of $39!!

Email me for booking information & pricing!

I always loved having my birthday in the summer,  exactly 6 months away from Christmas! It always made me glad!

Turning 39, of course, isn’t that big of a deal…  I ran carpool for summer school & football camp.  My mom & sisters took me out for lunch.  Took my youngest to the allergist for testing (she’s allergic to trees, weeds, grass & dust, just how is that going to work living out here in the country???) Shopped for school shoes for both of my girls, met my boys & mom for dinner at Preble Gardens (which gives you a free meal on your birthday, no limit!!) Came home, & Leah had made me a cake & had some gifts for me!  Tried to get James on skype to join us, but he was away from his computer… It was a good, busy, full, fun day!  Just how I like it… finished off the day editing more of Brittney & Ben’s wedding photos!  ALMOST DONE!!!

Ben & Brittney Wedding 2 997 logo

Everything about this wedding still has me feeling all dreamy!!!  Can’t wait to share the rest with you!

Have a great one & enjoy the sale!


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