Paul & Beth {First Look}

Paul & Beth seeing each other for the first time before their wedding!  This is such a special time & a moment that is so neat to be a part of behind the camera.  It takes the place of the traditional “not seeing the bride before the wedding” issue… and provides in it’s place a very relaxed, fun, photographed time for the bride & groom to check each other out before their big moment!  Then we have plenty of time to get lots of great shots of them together before their ceremony without the big rush of trying to do things after the ceremony & leaving your guests waiting or sacrificing awesome shots!


I think he likes what he saw!!  Love Paul’s “thumbs up” expression!

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readergal1004 said...

I like the idea, it's not always easy to capture it during the ceremony. Plus It is nice to be able to do pictures before wedding. After can be sooo rushed!