Details {Wedding Day}

Adam & Ashley’s wedding, last Sunday, dawned cloudy & foggy… there had been a 50% chance of rain, moved to a 10% chance that morning… It never did rain.

But, the clouds left us with a beautiful, soft effect and wonderful lighting!  What a blessing!

I am posting a few of the detail shots of the day… I love detail shots! 


084 logo


IMG_5545 logo



080 logo



131 logo


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IMG_4833 logo


IMG_5651 logo


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Me said...

Stunning photos, Pam!

Kendra said...

Love the photos Pam! Thanks for taking them.

Kendra (one of the bridesmaids)

Sarah said...

These are absolutely excellent!!

leah said...

wahoo. lovin' these pam...can't wait to see the rest! you're great!