Indiana Wedding Photographer {Seth & Lindsay}

I will be forever thankful to Seth & Lindsay for having the confidence & belief in my ability as a photographer, to be my first wedding photo shoot.  Also, many many thanks to my fellow photographer & friend Jodi of Little Gifts from God Photography, for being my second camera for this wedding! 

With a very wet spring, we were thankful for no rain on this Saturday morning, but it kept us out of the grass with her dress.  We had hoped to visit the Sunken Gardens for photos, but there were ducks swimming in the grass that weekend, so Lindsay decided we would stay at this beautiful church for the photos.


Seth & Lindsay’s wedding was held

in Huntington, IN on May 22, 2010.

S & L Pam 1 101 logo 

the groom

S & L Pam 1 007 002 copy

the bride

S & L Pam 1 132 002 copy 

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 S & L Pam 1 118 002 copy 

the flower girl


S & L Jodi 1 220 002 copy


S & L Pam 2 230 copy

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the cake

S & L Pam 4 240 copy

S & L Pam 4 470 copy

the wedding party

S & L Jodi 3 099 copy

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the happy couple

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S & L Pam 4 310 copy

 S & L Jodi 3 043 copy

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 S & L Pam 4 279 copy

S & L Pam 4 286 copy

the details

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 S & L Pam 4 328 copy

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S & L Pam 4 350 002 copy

 S & L Jodi 3 087 copy

 S & L Jodi 3 147 003 copy



Candace said...

These are amazing! You did a fabulous job, and I knew you would! I remember when you first mentioned that you were going to do this. beautiful!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Gorgeous! Amazing! Wow!

No one would EVER guess this was your first wedding shoot!

Beautiful job, Pam!!!

Laurel :)

Cassie said...

these are awesome!

i am with my mama on the comment that no one would know this was your first wedding!!!

great job!

Jules said...

Gorgeous. I love the ones of the flower girl...

Carol said...

What beautiful work you've done. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Just stunning! Great clarity, beautiful and creative angles, and wonderful post-processing. So many great ones; that "jump" photo is amazing!!! I love how you captured their love for each other, too... well done, friend!

Jane said...

These are absolutely beautiful...a work of art! There isn't a bad one in the bunch. You are definitely in the right line of business. Wishing you many future wedding shoots with this level of success!!!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Absolutely STUNNING!


No clue this is your first wedding at all!


Sarah said...

Super impressed! Beautiful job, Pam!!