Storyboard Collage Samples

These are examples of collage’s that your photos could be put into.  I am working on building new ones, at the rate of about one per photo session, so I may be designing another one for your photos!  Feel free to choose any of the following for your photos also. 

Sizes listed are the recommended sizes.  Ordering the storyboard collage’s in sizes other than the recommended may not give the effect you are looking for. 

Buyer must be aware that portions of their storyboard could be cropped off if they order in a size ratio other than what is listed.  Buyer must also be aware that writing may be too small to read if print is ordered smaller than recommended. 

I cannot be responsible for mis-spelled words in storyboard collages.  Every attempt will be made by me to make sure all is correct.  Please, please, please check very carefully for mis-spellings before approving a storyboard order.

All storyboards are available with interchangeable boarder colors & designs.  All writing is custom & fonts are interchangeable. 

5 openings.  Any color framing. Any wording or font. Recommended 10 x 20

5 photo edits of 167 James senior copy

5 pic storyboard copy


7 opening 10 x 2010 x 20 Alex Reinhard copy10 x 20 7 grey trim copy

5 opening storyboard.

Collage 2 copy

6 opening storyboard, 16 x 20 is size recommendation.

Hill Collage 3 copy

9 openings. This one was created to be an 8 x 10.

Lance Collage copy

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steffenboysmom said...

They are very creative Pam! I really like the last one, but I'm partial to vintage anyhow.