Many people think that if you take a photo and it ends up with a sun-flare in it you have a poor quality picture.

Did you know that sun-flares are the latest in photography?  And if you happen to get a beautiful sun-flare in a photo it is viewed by other photographers as a true gem?

In fact this week at I Heart Faces the theme was sun-flares!  I didn’t enter the contest, because I didn’t think I had anything to offer.  I’ve been working on some photos and actually trying to add sun-flare to them! 

Today on I Heart Faces they are actually hosting a contest for some really great edits (for Photo-shop) that ADD SUNFLARE to your photos!!  OOOOOOHHHHHH…. so it’s okay to fabricate the sun-flare????  Emphasize the small sun-flares?  I guess so!!

I took this picture last Sunday.  This is Cary and Amy. (the rest of their family pictures will come soon) They have been in my life in a multitude of ways over the years.


Cary & Amy 052 copy

Nice picture.  Not wild about the color.  Indiana is not real colorful this time of year.  And every picture I took that day just seemed so washed out.  See that tiny spot on Cary’s arm?  A sun-flare!  It was sunny on this day & that gave me an idea!  I used some of the edits I got at Kaleidoscope (and I REALLY HOPE I WIN MORE!!!)

Cary & Amy 052 006 copy

What do you think of that?

It’s something to keep working on & but I think it is kinda cool!!


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