Quite Possibly the cutest baby eating a leaf ever!

I am editing another photo shoot!  I was so thrilled when this photo popped up and as I worked on it, I just couldn’t wait to share it!!  Has a baby eating a leaf ever looked so adorable!!!??

Griffin 084 copy 2


Laurel said...

Just visited your Photograqphy Blog for the first time, and wanted to tell you, "Wow! Awesome Job!"

You are doing a GREAT job with your photography. God has definitely BLESSED you with a GIFT ... in "seeing" just the right shot for each person/personality.

I just showed your blog to one of my Photography Kids, and he asked me to send him a link. I am also going to give the link to his big sister, another professional photographer.


mama of 13

Susie said...

You're right this is simply darling!! Love the background!