Jim & Rachel’s Family

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Jim & Rachel have 4 children, 2 are married & one grandchild… what a beautiful group!  And 3 of them have the same name!  “James” (great name!!)

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Vanessa & James

James & Vanessa 226 002 copy

Amanda, Tyson & Dirk…

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  170 copyOne year old Dirk…

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Dirk 280 copy


Dirk 274 copy

Rachel asked her dad to come over and be a part of the pictures… these are some of my favorites…

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Grandpa & Dirk 057 002 text copy


sheilakries said...

as i look at your photos,,,tears come down my face...i see happy faces, i see your struggles fading, leaving room for growth,,,Gods growth....I cry for where I am now and wondering if I ll ever make it out it one piece with my children still standing on what type of ground...or will will sink

Anonymous said...

wow! these are great, Pam!!!! good job:)
sarah q

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow, Pam, these are superb. I mean I would've never thought that a picture could look so good with two of the people's heads missing...with the focus being on the little boy Dirk. That is so good. You really have a gift.

The one of grampa and Dirk walking is precious!

Beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

We Love this Family!!!
Beautiful Pictures.

Lily Zarkovacki