Cory & Shelly’s Family

Shelly is a patient woman… it took two photo shoots for me to finally get some photos for their family!  See, they were the family who’s files I lost when my computer crashed a couple of months ago.  So, we finally found a time to redo them!  I think they turned out much better the second time than the first time, amazing what a little experience will do for a person! 

Thank you Shelly for being to sweet & patient with me!

Ivins Family 620 002 copy

Ivins Family 515 002 copy 

Ivins kids 365 copy

Cory & Shelly 600 copy

Girls 630 002 copy

Caleb 503 002 copy

Caroline 470 copy


Josh 484 copy


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steffenboysmom said...

Once again great job! Is this in Bluffton?

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Amazing pictures. What a cute family. The mother and daughter are so cute with the same shade of red hair. Man, Pam, you are awesome. You take awesome pics. I talk about your pics all the time to my two girlfriends here in town. One is a lover of photography too. You have such an eye. I told them if beloved and I are restored I'm paying for you to come down here to shoot pics.