It’s Black Friday… I am NOT shopping!!  At least not in a store!!  Thinking Online Shopping & Local stores is more up my alley this Christmas!! 

If you are up for some online shopping & supporting local businesses I wanted to make an offer!!

How about a gift certificate for a photo shoot?

I could create a certificate for you to give?

And perhaps include some free prints!

Still working on an idea, so let me know if  you are interested!



It is not to late to have custom designed cards!!  I am even willing to use your photos & create from there.

All I want to know from you is…

1.  What size & style of card you want.

2.  Which photos you want to use.

3.  How you would like the card greeting to go

4.  Color preferences you have.

I have some cards that I have done in the past that you could look at to see my work.  And more that I can email you!  I appreciate the chance to work with each of  you!  And will e-mail you the pricing if you e-mail me at momentsbypam at adamswells dot com

Here are two more that I created! 

Christmas Card JJ Agler copy

 Schaefer Christmas Card copy

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Anonymous said...

I REALLY wish I would have seen this YESTERDAY!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL! And another friend offered to do them for me (well offered for me to pay her to do them that is) but they aren't nearly as creative and sweet! You are so talented!!
Tonia (mommato6)