Katie grace & her mommy & daddy

Mommy & Daddy, aka, Sandi & Andy… I am finally finished working with these photos!  I learned many new things while I was working on them, tried lots of things I have been wanting to try & had so much fun!!  Now, it will be up to Sandi & Andy to figure out which prints they want to purchase!!

I am learning that many people like many different things in their photos, and hope that I give a variety of color, fades, textures, & crops… any of these could be done in any of these features… or in natural color..  enjoy!

KGS 627 027

KGS 628 030- 4X6


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I like the second one just because it's close up and it would make an excellent family pic for the wall.

Anonymous said...

I love the family pic on the bottom. It seems "soft" and their expressions are perfect! Beautiful family! Your pictures of Katie Grace are precious.