Custom Christmas Cards

I have been teaching myself how to design Cards.  A customer requested them and I am learning…  I did this one this morning of my own kids…

Christmas Card 3 copy

Christmas Card 2 copy

If you are interested in having a card designed by me, please let me know!!  (I can even use your photos if you like)  Pricing is based on the type of card you are looking for & a small design fee.

More photo cards…

Christmas Card 5 copy

My Family Card boxes copy


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I love this. Like the second better probably. I like the individual pics on the first one. Would like it better if it didn't say holidays. Sorry a big beef of mine. Kind of like hating the holiday trees. They are Cmas trees for crying in the rain!

If you don't plan to post your kids' family pix, maybe you can email them to this curious soul. hehe

Carol said...

Woo-Hoo on the Christmas cards. I love them! You are learning all kinds of good stuff for your business.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh, I've not seen the last two. I love the last one with different pictures in different boxes. And it's ABOUT TIME there is one of momma in there too.

I love the baray (sp?) hat that K has on. Cute.

KEE said...

I'm interested in having you do our holiday cards. Just depends on price since we are trying to keep spending down during holidays this year.

For some reason I can't get your email off your profile.
My email is
Please email me and we can talk designs and prices.

Love this website and that you are starting a bussiness for yourself.
Hope to hear from you soon.