Zach Freshman

Zach Sept 2009 e001

Zach Sept 2009 e002


Zach Sept 2009 e008


Zach Sept 2009 e009  Zach Sept 2009 e003

Zach Sept 2009 e004


Zach Sept 2009 e006

Zach Sept 2009 e007


steffenboysmom said...

Very nice Pam! Great edits!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Eeew...VERY nice. I love the lighting on the red/orange bricks.

Love the old look in pic two along with the old iron.

You are SOO talented. Get those business cards and flyers out and about. Do some flyers too maybe.

Carol said...

Such great pictures, Pam. You are talented. And that boy is too cute for his own good. You have a great looking bunch of kids and you're a beauty yourself.

Klint & Sarah said...

pam! these pics looks SO good!! wow!!

kellybollman said...

wow Pam, these are probably my favorites of all your photos so far

Anonymous said...

No Wonder the girls can't stay away.. Such a handsome son you have Pam......All your kids are so beautiful........... Judy