Photo Shoot 3 Nephews & a Niece

Colton…Colton Fall 2009 005 old westColton Fall 2009 031 seventies 001

Colton 2009  006


Koty Fall 2009 edit old west. Koty Fall 2009 old west 002Koty Fall 2009 soft & faded 001

Koty Fall 2009 012 edit


Sammy 2009 edit 009

Sammy 2009 edit 005 Sammy Fall 2009 032 old westSammy Fall 2009 032 seventiesHallie…

Hallie Fall 2009 edit        Hallie Fall 2009 edit 001  Hallie Fall 2009 edit 003 Hallie Fall 2009 edit heartland

Hallie Fall 2009 vintage 001

Hallie Fall 2009 vintage 002.

Hallie Fall 2009 sunshine 001 

Hallie Fall 2009 edit seventies 002

Hallie 2009 edit 011Hallie 2009 edit 014Hallie 2009 edit 016


Lana & Ben Kids Fall 2009 Group 077 edit old west 001 Lana & Ben Kids Fall 2009 Group 040 seventies 001

Lana & Ben Kids Fall 2009 Group 066 edit 001

LBS 2009 group edit 007


Paula (SweetPea) said...

You're a pro for sure.

Hallie's color pic of her laying on the ground, the flower, and legs crossed captured my attention. Love the first one of her head against the tree. The coloring on that makes it look like and old fashion pic.

Great job, Pam!!

Jodi said...

These are amazing! Awesome job!!! I love the one of all the kids piled on top of each other. I can't believe you got such great expressions on all the kids at once! Love it :)


steffenboysmom said...

I'm finding that green can be a dominant color and hard to work with!

Aren't girls so fun to shoot? They are just so sweet! Love the one with her on her tummy holding the flower. Vibrant!

Glad you got your site up and running!

The Lehman's said...

Great pictures Pam aren't you glad you have so many nieces and nephews to practice with and they are all so cute. good post!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow..they are all so good. Nice job! Just beautiful!

Patrice said...

Love them! Hallie laying in the grass is precious!
I really like the group shot of them "piled" on each other.

holandjoe said...


You have an amazing talent, enjoyed all the pictures.


McCrakensx4 said...

Love then all! What an awesome job!

kellybollman said...

ok so the ones of hallie might now be my favorite. love them!