If you take your mom to the park

If you take your mom to the park she will bring her camera.

Camera Tests sept 2009 e008

And if she brings her camera she will want to take your picture.

Camera Tests sept 2009 e006

And if she takes your picture she will ask you to smile.

Camera Tests sept 2009 e007

If you smile a few more times she will let you play on the slide.

Camera Tests sept 2009 e002

When she lets you play on the slide she will push you on the swing.

Camera Tests sept 2009 e001

When she is done pushing you on the swing she will want you to smile a few more times so she will bribe you with ice cream.

Camera Tests sept 2009 e004

When she bribes you with ice cream she will ask you to smile just a few more times.

Camera Tests sept 2009 e005

When she gets you your ice cream she will take you home.

Camera Tests sept 2009 e009

When she takes you home she will make your pictures beautiful on her computer.

If you take your mom to the park.



Paula (SweetPea) said...

These are great...some wonderful effects. Love all the golden, greenish backgroud tones and how K looks like she is standing out of the you super imposed her to the background...especially the last and the geese one.

McCrakensx4 said...

I love those books, so I absolutely loved what you did with your words and pictures! Genius!!And love the Pics too BTW!

Anonymous said...

Love these.. Way to go Pam...Judy