Getting my business started up!

The boys said she looks a bit drugged in this photo, but it is a great new effect i tried out and i love the way it turned out, so try to ignore her eyes & let me know if you like the soft effect of this photo!Kiahna Sept 2009 e014

Do you think my kids get tired of being models??  This face may answer that… but I love it!

Kiahna Sept 2009 e018

Many of the posts on here have been been edited & added to in the past days.  I have been learning how to run my photo editing program & working with many of the pictures.  Thanks for all the encouragement!  I have a few photo shoots lined up in the coming month!  But I have plenty of time for more!  Let me know if I can be of service!  I am working on a price list, so until I get that done I can’t really nail down a price, but will work for a donation until then.  Plus the price of the photos you wish to purchase.  



The Lehman's said...

Great pictures!! I kind of like #2 My kids look at me like that all the time. If I were you I would have a least an 8 X 10 made of that. Why do we always put up the best pictures of our kids--who almost never look like the picture?

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love the effects of picture one. Her face does look like she took a dose of sleepy pills.

That second out, keep your hands to yourself or they might get bit. Yes, it seems you picked an off day in pic 2 for K. :-)

Man, you are good. I'm have a business, a talent all of my great.